frus·tra·tion /frəˈstrāSHən/

Noun: 1. The feeling of being upset or annoyed, esp. because of inability to change or achieve something.


Fact(s): As of today we have contacted 56 venues/promoters about booking. We have heard back from 12 of them. We have been booked by 3 of them (4 if you count the one that booked and then got cancelled).

Booking a tour is a frustrating process. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes. With a 21% response rate and 5% booking rate, we are actually doing pretty well. It is expected with this sort of thing that most places will not respond to your emails and only a small percentage will actually book. You think, “only 5%?” and remember back to all those quizzes you failed in elementary school and how your mom scolded you when she saw your report card… Missing the mark 95% of the time is not usually considered successful. But we’ll take it.

Are we frustrated? Yes. Are we determined? Yes. Are we going to eat Reese’s, Twizzlers, pumpkin pie, carrot cake cupcakes, and ice cream for hours on end while we research venues and send emails to make the process slightly more enjoyable? Definitely. (Thanks, Mom!) Will we gain weight while we sit at the computer eating sweets? Probably. But at this rate, if we email 1,000 more venues, we’ll book 50 more shows, 12 of which will cancel, leaving us with 38 shows, and maybe that will be enough to get us to California… assuming some of them actually pay us and that the van doesn’t require any major unexpected maintenance. Do you believe in prayer? If so you can mail checks to:


White Ford E-150, The Road

Somewhere in North America, XY ABCDE



3 responses to “/frəˈstrāSHən/

  1. When life gives you lemons………play a kitchen baseball game with them. Fly like birds, while singing about being a bird. Make sailor hats out of newspaper and wear them proudly. Speak in a secret made up native tongue. Keep your hopes and dreams alive no matter how bumpy the road gets!!

  2. YES!!! Yes. yes. and yes. When the bellybutton flies its hot time to lower the jackrabbit home. One Five on a jingle bell you know. Take forward on the only jumbalikahberry and it’ll give you everything you get! Shoes!

  3. Trees, and glitter bugs. And puppies are chasing their tails due to the re angling of the lunar bubble fish!

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