Busk o’ Chocolates

Boy oh boy do we have a lot to catch up on.

Let’s start with Columbia, the city that (re)taught us an important lesson: you never know until you try. Sometimes you think Columbia is a terrible city for busking because everyone drives and there are not enough people walking around, and then you have the most lucrative night of busking to date. Sometimes you walk into a smokey bar with Skynyrd playing on the jukebox and you feel really out of place. Then you meet a bunch of  awesome, friendly people and have the most fun you have ever had at an open mic. Does that ever happen to you? Well… it happened to us in Columbia, SC, and we took it as a pretty clear message that you just don’t know until you try.

Some of you may not know that steveNkim have been trying to conceive, and… well… we have some very big news…. It’s a song! Columbia is the birthplace of steveNkim’s first musical baby. “The Ballad of steveNkim” has been growing in our creative womb for the past 8 weeks and has finally been delivered as a healthy and completed song. She was delivered on a park bench under a beautiful yellow tree, and we celebrated with a gourmet dinner of Chef Boyardee straight from the can. Keep an eye on Facebook as there will be videos up soon.

Next stop after Columbia: Atlanta, GA.

Busking brings on some interesting experiences. Sometimes you make zero dollars and get a parking ticket. Other times you get paid five dollars to slow dance with a stranger on a scavenger hunt. Sometimes someone pulls up in a cab and hands you five dollars out the window. Other times a young couple stops to listen and asks the homeless man, who also stopped to listen, if he knows where they can find drugs. Sometimes you give away a free demo and hear it being played out of the person’s car as they drive by ten minutes later. Momma always said busking’s like a box o’ chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get (until you try).

Today we drove from Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN, where Steven’s family lives. We are very much looking forward to spending time with them and enjoying home cooked meals. We also have our work cut out for us planning our tour out west and keeping the creative juices flowing.

In the meantime, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!



2 responses to “Busk o’ Chocolates

  1. Great pic! Steven’s not too sure about cold ravioli, is he? Oh well, sounds like you guys will be in a lovely turkey stupor soon enough! Love the sharing of experiences you post and congratulations on the new arrival, uh culmination, rather……. okay, song! Can’t wait to hear it! Love you guys!

  2. OMG – You guys almost gave me a heart attack with the trying to conceive!!! I mean, I’d love to have another grandchild, but prefer that it doesn’t have to live in a van : ). Congratulations on your new song – can’t wait to hear it!! Love & Miss you guys and will look forward to seeing you soon!! Happy turkey day and know that I’m so very grateful for the two of you ❤ 3

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