After several cozy nights (in a bed) in Charleston, we have now arrived in Columbia, SC with a repaired transmission and a significantly diminished bank account. The pressure is on to start raking in the dough. Preparing for round two of Walmart camping (this time at a 24 hr. location), we are enjoying Cool Beans, a local coffee shop where we can take advantage of free wi-fi to email venues and start pursuing winter gigs. Tomorrow we hit the sidewalks to play for passersby. Supposedly busking is legal here in Columbia with a permit, but we’re hoping to forgo the legal hoops and avoid run-ins with police. By the way, does anyone know what happens when you don’t pay a parking ticket?


In other news, a few HUMONGOUS thank-yous are in order. We have been unbelievably fortunate to have such gracious hosts along the way:

Sam, Erin, and Micah Hensley – By the way, Sam makes amazing VHS art

James, Jessica, Kylah, Maizie, Logan, and Shamus McGowan – Get your car fixed at McGowan Automotive in Holliston, MA!

Jason Frantz and Chris Eckert – check out their band, Faces in the Floor. Great stuff!

Cathy and Sean Kennelly – Thanks for all the leftovers!

Bob Zunner – Thanks for the lakehouse!

Wal-Mart – Thanks for the parking space and bathrooms

Jan, John, and Chester Thorne – Thanks for taking us to see Cloud Atlas. How’d ya’ll like it the second time around?

Bynum and Shelley Hoekstra – Thanks for taking us to Maple View. We sure love ice cream a lot.

Daniel Morrison and Rachel Barron – Thanks for waiting for seven billion years to see us play at that open mic. Sorry if we weren’t as good as that old guy who sang “Right then and there, in the middle of the road, we were doin’ it, doin’ it.”


So… we are now three months into this journey. It has been a wild ride with detours, roadblocks, and happy accidents. Despite a sense of urgency to figure out how to counteract the financial strains of car maintenance and (maybe) parking tickets, we are still in good spirits – reminding ourselves to not let worries consume us and to enjoy the present moment. We are reminded of some Jurassic advice from Dr. Ian Malcom: “Life will find a way.” (I wonder if he ever used a thesaurus-rex). For now we retire to good old Lucia and Wally World. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


P.S. If anyone has an idea/suggestion for the topic of our next post, we’d love to hear it! Leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like us to write about.



2 responses to “Columbiano

  1. Just wanted to say I’m a friend of Steven’s mom from HS and if you find yourselves in central FL or the coast between Daytona and Cocoa Beach please get in touch. We’ve got beds and good food!! Enjoy the adventure.

  2. nice to hear about whats going on – id like to hear about songs you two have been working on and where your going next 🙂

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