3:28 AM

3:28 AM in New Castle, Delaware.  On our way from Boston, MA to Charleston, SC. We got sleepy on the road so here we are parked at Walmart about to sleep in the van for the first time. We aren’t the only ones camped out at this particular Walmart. There is a big RV a couple rows over. It must be safe to sleep here.

The van is a bit cramped. There is little room to move amongst the piles of instruments, equipment, and clothes. We could definitely stand to part with some things, but it is cozy nonetheless. There is a soothing hum of traffic from the road and an occasional train as well. Very reminiscent of the commotion that used to lull us to sleep in the city.

Charleston is sort of the destination on this leg of the trip. It was picked based on its weather patterns in November and how they are conducive to camping and sleeping in cars. It’s a beautiful city with lots of tourists and lots of music. Maybe we can find a gig or two while we’re down there. At the very least we intend to plant some seeds for future gigs in the southeast – play some open mics and things of that nature. We have until the beginning of December to do what we will do, and then it’s off to Jersey. Mid-December looks like a good time to return to the Boston area (except for the weather). Then there’s hopes of a brief stint in Vermont before we head back south. 

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though… For now we are going to get some sleep in New Castle, Delaware and see what tomorrow brings. We have a long stretch of road ahead of us and who knows what kind of detours there will be along the way. We look forward to approaching each opportunity with an open heart and seeing what adventures we might happen upon. One step at a time. So for now… Goodnight.



4 responses to “3:28 AM

    • You are welcome! Thanks for keeping up with us and for commenting. We did play a couple paying gigs in Massachusetts. It was a lot of fun – and of course it was nice to earn some money.

  1. I must throw out a big fat apology to my girl, Kimmie, for missing the musical happenings at The Squealing Pig on October 21. Just know that I am with you, Kimmie and Steven, as you embark on your creative cruise to the happy unknown! Always – Amy

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