Lessons From the Lake

So here we are, sitting at the kitchen table…No, hold on…

…Okay. Here we are. Sitting on a boat on Lake Wangumbaug in Coventry, Connecticut. The sun is shining, the leaves are rustling in the wind, and we’ve got a supply of beer and Twizzlers. You know what? Life ain’t too bad. It almost feels like we’re rich. Only we are not. The boat and the cottage we’re staying at are not ours, the Twizzlers were a gift from Steven’s mom, and the beer was Kim’s birthday present to Steven.

We realize we have it made pretty good right now and we are grateful for every moment we get to bask in the glorious luxury of being here. We also know that this will not last forever. A couple months from now, we don’t know where we will be, our money will be dwindling down, and we will be pressed to get gigs and make cash. While the atmosphere here in Connecticut is relaxing and quite enjoyable, we are working our asses off to learn songs, write new material, put together a press kit, contact potential venues, sell used gear, organize the van, maintain a healthy relationship, and not drive ourselves or each other crazy in the process.

What have we learned thus far?

1. Our sleep schedule is not working. Why do we get up at five some mornings when other mornings we sleep until ten and still don’t want to wake up?

2. Coffee and tea are essential.

3. Patience is also essential.

4. Thinking too much gets in the way of the creative process. Think less. Play more.

5. Setting intentions at the beginning of the day can help shape the way it plays out. For example, waking up and saying, “My intention today is to think less and play more,” allows for a greater chance that less thinking and more playing actually happen.

6. Know when to move on. Also know when to push through.

7. Eating healthy makes for feeling healthy. And it’s okay (and healthy) to indulge once in a while.

8. Late night dips in the lake are fun.

9. Work and play are not mutually exclusive.

To some people it may seem like what we are doing is all fun and games. On the good days it almost feels that way. At the same time it is just as much of a full time job as any other nine-to-five we might have instead, only our hours are longer and the work is more rewarding. It may not pay as much initially, but it is entirely possible to make a decent living this way. As long as we continue to have faith in that possibility and work hard towards it, we’ll get there… 

Steve & Kim



8 responses to “Lessons From the Lake

  1. I’m surprised you still have those Twizzlers! It was over a month ago that I packed them in your going-away care package.

  2. Beautiful photo, guys! Sounds like you are doing it right the first time. I think you will reap the benefits when preparation meets opportunity! Let me know if I can aid your process in any way. Love yous!

  3. Enjoying your journey with you vicariously. Thank you for sharing. Let us know when you are in our neck of the woods. Hugs

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