Brief Update

Well, the past few days have really been somethin’. We spent a couple days with friends in Roanoke, Virginia where Steven and his friend Sam got some recording done for their band, Sloan River Project ( and Kim got some much-needed downtime. Sam took us out to the Texas Tavern, a culinary staple of Roanoke. Steven highly recommends the Dirty Jimmy Hat, a hot dog wrapped in ham, egg, and cheese, topped with chili, relish, pickle and onions. Soooo goood. Kim was not impressed. Maybe the Tavern isn’t for everybody, so if you are ever in the area looking for a bite to eat, check out Alejandro’s, if only for the salsa bar.

Roanoke to Holliston, MA took up our entire Friday, a 650+ mile excursion with plentiful gas, food, and potty breaks (and a stop at McDonald’s to mooch off some free Wifi). We arrived exhausted and wasted little time getting to sleep.

Saturday we had brunch with the Zunner clan and did some last-minute shopping in preparation for Forestdance, where we will be this coming week. It is a sacred fire circle gathering ( for the curious), and we will be camping and taking a break from internet land for a while to go inward and recharge.

In early September, be on the lookout for our first video, a teaser of music we are working on. In the meantime, we hope you are well. Take care to embrace whatever detours might present themselves to you this week.




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